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TV-replay's most recommended programmes:

Alan Carr: Chatty Man - Channel 4

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Alan is joined by Thandie Newton and Ben Miller, who talk about their new movie, Huge.

The Choir That Rocks - ITV 1

The Choir That Rocks

As the final performance arrives, will the Rock Choir’s preparations be enough to pull off one of the most exciting shows Wembley has ever seen?

Waterloo Road - BBC 1

Waterloo Road

Scout wrecks Chris’s community gardening project when her home life spirals out of control. Karen awaits the verdict on her appeal against Richard Whitman’s warning notice - just as Eleanor begins to regret betraying her. Vicki faces trauma with her pregnancy.

The Kennedys - BBC 2

The Kennedys

Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes star as President John F Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, in Stephen Kronish’s compelling drama series, charting the triumph and the tragedy of the first couple. At home and with little to do, for the first time in his life Joe Sr feels useless. Rose is angry, and feels her sons have abandoned their father. Then, terrible news: Joe suffers a stroke from which he may never fully recover. In the South, civil rights demonstrators are protesting. James Meredith, a black student, is attempting to gain admission to the University of Mississippi. Riots are imminent, and protests are forming outside the school.

Sperm Donor Unknown - More 4

Sperm Donor Unknown

Twenty-year-old JoEllen Marsh has always known her family wasn’t like other families. She grew up in Pennsylvania with two mothers and a burning curiosity to know more about her anonymous…

Walking The Amazon - Channel 5

Walking The Amazon

The intrepid Ed Stafford faces hunger, disease and parasites in his quest to complete his trek.

Scott and Bailey - ITV 1

Scott and Bailey

Last in series. The team investigate the shooting of a teenage boy. Rachel has a lucky escape from a hit and run - but soon suspects it was deliberate. Does someone want her dead?

The Graham Norton Show - BBC 1

The Graham Norton Show

Unique talk show with award-winning host, Graham Norton. Expect the unexpected as top celebrity guests join in the fun with Graham and his irrepressible audience. Graham’s guests include: Scottish superstar Ewan McGregor, star of Trainspotting and Star Wars, who talks about his new film Beginners; IT Crowd star Chris O’Dowd who talks about his role in the new hit movie Bridesmaids; and Example, who perform the chart-topping Changed the Way You Kiss Me.

Shameless US - More 4

Shameless US

Frank has a run-in with Karen Jackson’s father while he’s drunk and returns home to take it out on Ian.

Kids Behind Bars - BBC 3

Kids Behind Bars

Each year in Britain, we lock up 2,000 school-age children. Vinney Green Secure Unit locks up some of the youngest and the most troubled; the kids no one else can manage - whether they are a danger to each other, or a danger to themselves.

Babies Behind Bars

Part of the Extraordinary Families season. Conclusion of the documentary following pregnant inmates at Indiana Women’s Prison. Repeat offender Heather must give up her baby.

Angry Boys

Daniel throws a house party while his folks are away. Gran is reprimanded after overstepping a line in her professional behaviour which ultimately brings her closer to the withdrawn Talib. Blake starts the Fat Dudes surf school, but in boosting the boys’ esteem he ends up questioning his manhood.


A fast-paced thriller about a vital and terrifying subject - the trafficking of children - with the heart-stopping vibrancy, compassion and energy that only the fate of children inspires. This is a story that touches all our lives. And it’s happening now.


Adam’s God complex continues when he literally has the life of Matthew, a sex offender who has returned to Holby, in his hands.

What to watch…


Well, Glastonbury is over…everyone has left and taken the majority of the mud with them. The BBC provided fantastic coverage of the festival, though it was slightly overshadowed by Zane Lowe being rather rude and laughing in the face of a colleague when questionned about pop music eg Beyonce at Glastonbury. The unlucky ones of us who were not and the festival and the lucky ones who were can now catch all the highlights at TV-replay. Don’t miss out on anyone from Friday night rockers U2 to the formidable Beyonce who “shut it down”..literally, winning over fans and getting the toughest of men to sing along! Other acts that recieved a huge reception were: Coldplay you don’t want miss out on their new music or their amazing light show, Tinie Tempah was class, a one legged Jessie J with a child, two badly kept secrets of “surprise” Pulp and Radiohead!

Music aside now, TV and all the new programmes that have aired. Channel 4 presented their new Drama/ComedySirens' last night, admittedly the theme of a Paramedic/Doctor/A&E drama mixed with some well known comedy faces didn't seem to me like a recipe that sounded all that great. However, it's better than I expected…we see “the Facejacker and Four Lions bloke” aka Kayvan Novak playing Rachid who we soon find out has an unusual past as well as being the 'cocky and funny' one. Rhys Thomas who plays Stuart is best known for his roles in Star Stories, a character who is a little grumpy and can only confide in one University friend…a character that needs more time I feel! Last but not least is Richard Maddon who plays Ashley, Richard starred in the series Game of Thrones and now he takes on a new and challenging role in Sirens. Playing Ashley the only gay character, a confident person who is in no way blindingly different from his other colleagues which is refreshing!

Such a mix of people does seem to be interesting, I think it needs time and a chance. It will be interesting to see how such diverse characters will develop and what they encounter together should make for good viewing…we hope!

Watch the first episode of Sirens and then vote, in your opinion, should we give it a chance?

Documentaires now and ITV1 delievered the first part of a two part documentary, ‘Babies Behind Bars' a rare insight into a female prison in America. Where the rising cases of incarcerated women is reaching an epidemic. ITV looks at stories of the different women including prostitutes, drug abusers and the like, all of whom understandly do not want to lose their babies and see them go into care. It shows the competition that these women have to get their babies into ‘Wee Ones’ a special prison nursery, they have to prove their selves as mothers and ultimately as people. If not, the baby is taken into care just 24 hours after birth.

It raises moral questions as to whether any child should be kept in a prison environment, it is not the child’s fault and therefore should be given a right to life outside. Or, are we already punishing the mother’s too much? Would it not be beneficial to the mothers to have their child with them, as well as beneficial to the child?

Watch now and rate this documentary!

Most Recommended:

Four of a Kind

Odd One In


Embarrassing Fat Bodies

Born to Be Different

Angry Boys

The Apprentice: You’re Fired

Scott and Bailey

Four Rooms

Holby City

Peter Andre: The Next Chapter

The Choir That Rocks

The Kennedys


One Born Every Minute USA

Unlawful Entry

Embarrassing Fat Bodies

Waterloo Road

Penn and Teller Fool Us

Our War

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TV-replay viewers are tipping the new series of BBC1's drama Luther, starring Idris Elba playing DCI John Luther, this chilling crime drama is definitely one to watch.

Angry Boys on BBC3 has received a lot of attention, if you loved Summer Heights High then you must not miss Angry Boys! Chris Lilley gained a phenomenal reception with Summer Heights High and is now back with his new sketch Angry Boys which features characters such as ‘S.Mouse!’ the biggest selling hip-hop artist of ALL time, entrepreneur and mother Jen Okazaki and of course the formidably bullish Gran!

ITV1's new documentary series Baby Hospital has been highly rated at TV-replay. An exclusive insight into a neonatal ward provides the moving stories of the women and their families at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Tennis fans don’t miss out on any of the action at Wimbledon this year! Andy Murray is now the last British man remaining, hopes have been high this year that maybe…just, maybe he can go all the way! Here’s hoping!

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